Relaxing Sleep

The key to unlocking the best sleep of your life is relaxing your mind and body. When your body is fully supported and held at the ideal temperature for sustaining deep restorative sleep each muscle group is allowed to disengage and recharge. 

The Ultimate in Relaxation

When your body is in a state of relaxation, your muscles are able to regenerate. Through adaptive materials, each Relax-O-Pedic Sleep System is designed to put your body in the ideal position for relaxation.  Whether you are more comfortable falling asleep on your back, side, or stomach the XO 350 is designed to balance your skeletal system, to put your muscles in their ideal state of relaxation.

Mattress Facts

The XO350 has more pressure relief than other comparable beds

The XO350 is more breathable than other comparable beds

The XO350 is thermo-neutral so you don’t get warm

The XO350 is naturally anti-bacterial and durable

The XO350 fits the way you sleep, in any position, and is ideal for couples 


About the Relax-O-Pedic

Individual Cooling Comfort

Ensuring your body remains in the ideal sleeping temperature promotes deep restorative sleep.

Copper Cooling Anti-Bacterial Memory Foam

Copper naturally kills bacteria and conducts excess heat away from the body.

Spinal Alignment 7 Zone Pressure Relief

The perfect balance of pressure relief and support to fit your body’s natural posture. Modified sculpted memory foam provides additional support in the lumbar and thigh region, additional pressure relief in your shoulders, hips, and knees, and the perfect place to rest your pillow.

Comfortable Balancing Natural Latex

High resilience ventilated natural pressure relief in a buoyant familar comfort that allows for air flow. Designed to provide advanced support and comfort.

Dual Airflow System for Temperature Control

Creates a comfortable sleeping climate, allows for downward airflow. Excess heat is dissipated through the side of the mattress.

Stable Base Support System for Durability

Promotes durability and support of your body aligning your body lets your muscles relax overnight.